Partners Wanted

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We have developed a partner program to help you as an internet marketer earn comfortable without any stress. All you do is seat down in the comfort of your home sharing your links and telling your friends about our training program.

Being a affiliate is great for you. This is the only partner program that pays every Friday in Nigeria. Here are some of the reasons why you must sign up today:

Flat ₦6000 for every new client you refer (many affiliate partners earn ₦30,000-₦40,000 weekly)

Benefits in Summary

  • Special affiliate tracking links provided
  • 24/7 access to your account
  • Option to request for instant cash daily ( why wait till Friday)
  • Stats are updated real time
  • No minimum payout
  • Friendly and dedicated affiliate managers available to coach you on how to earn more.
  • Absolutely NO FEES to join the partner program

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About The Program

We are the number one CPA marketing training platform in Nigeria; we train people on how to make money with their approved CPA account. The people you refer will enjoy the following with our training:

  • They train on how to get a CPA account
  • They train on how to earn ₦27,000 daily
  • They are assisted with website set up, massive traffic monetization.

All you need to do is tell them about it by sharing your links, as soon as they become our client; ₦6000 is credited to your account immediately.


X Do not spam

X Do not attempt to circumvent our systems

Follow these rules, you will be fine. Join others earning over ₦200,000 every single month.


No!!! At no point will you be required to pay money to join our partner program; we pay you every time you refer a client to us

Our partner program is designed to make you money, if you promote the offers the way we recommend, there is always an opportunity to get paid every single week.

Our standard payout day is every Friday for the previous week’s performance

Payments are sent directly to the account on file, it cannot be edited so be sure you are adding the right information

No it is not possible, we have a robust tracking system that is uptime 24/7, all records are tracked and backed up in our database

Yes, as soon as you notice a credit on your account, click on pay me now button, that action once clicked cannot be undone

Yes it can. We periodically deactivate accounts that remain inactive over a period of time. We strongly advise that you avoid deactivation as that action cannot be undone

Unfortunately no, we do not accept self-referrals